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At Brackett & Ellis, our seasoned and highly skilled intellectual property attorneys are dedicated to protecting your most valuable assets. Our legal professionals have been recognized for their contributions to the field of intellectual property law, reflecting our commitment to excellence and deep understanding of IP rights. With a history of successful legal outcomes, our attorneys are committed to defending your intellectual property and ensuring your rights are protected.

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Why Choose Brackett & Ellis for your Intellectual Property Needs?

Our attorneys—with their decades of specialized experience—are recognized as leaders in the field of intellectual property law. With a deep understanding of both the legal and technical aspects of IP law, our attorneys ensure that your innovations and intellectual property are afforded the highest level of protection. Our attorneys pride themselves on constantly expanding their knowledge of the legal landscape, ensuring that their clients benefit from the most current and comprehensive legal advice.
At the core of our approach is the development of customized legal strategies carefully aligned with your specific business goals and operational strategies. Whether you are a well-established corporation seeking to maintain your competitive edge or a nimble startup navigating the complexities of the market for the first time, we offer personalized legal solutions. Our strategies are designed not just to protect your intellectual property but to position these assets as key drivers of your business success, fostering growth and innovation.
Our firm offers a wide array of legal services designed to protect every facet of your intellectual property. Our comprehensive legal services include litigating patents that safeguard your inventions, obtaining and managing trademarks that preserve your brand identity, protecting your copyrighted works, and guarding your trade secrets. Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your intellectual assets are safeguarded against infringers and positioned for commercial success.
Our success stories are as diverse as the range of industries we serve, reflecting our versatility and effectiveness in navigating complex business and intellectual property challenges. From protecting trade secrets for tech startups to defending global corporations against accusations of copyright infringement, our track record is a testament to our ability to achieve favorable outcomes in high-stakes legal matters. Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in protecting our clients’ most valuable assets.

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Meet Our Intellectual Property Attorneys

Joe Cleveland: Authority on Intellectual Property Legal Matters

Joe Cleveland has distinguished himself in commercial and intellectual property litigation for over 30 years. His expertise extends to trials and appeals in state and federal courts, where he has successfully defended the intellectual property rights of entrepreneurs, inventors, and businesses of all sizes. Joe’s legislative contributions, particularly in the drafting and enactment of the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act, underscore his pivotal role in shaping intellectual property law in Texas. His leadership and accolades, including Board Certification in Civil Trial Law and continuous recognition in The Best Lawyers in America, highlight his exceptional skill and commitment to the legal profession.

Heath Coffman: Specializing in Business and Intellectual Property Litigation

Heath Coffman’s approach to legal representation is characterized by a deep understanding of business and commercial disputes, with a particular focus on intellectual property, trademarks, and trade secrets. His involvement in the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act Working Group and his role as Chair of the Trade Secrets Committee of the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar of Texas have significantly influenced the landscape of intellectual property law in the state. Heath’s recognitions, such as being named a Super Lawyer by Thompson Reuters, attest to his expertise and achievements in the field.

Angélique McCall Ditty: Distinguished in Patent Law and Complex Litigation

Angélique McCall Ditty, a registered patent attorney, specializes in complex commercial and intellectual property litigation, including within the oil and gas, cosmetics, cyber security, and collegiate and professional sports facility design industries. Her previous experience as a Patent Examiner Extern at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) enriches her deep understanding of patent and trademark processes, which complements her litigation expertise. Angélique also has a robust background in scientific research, having managed projects in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). With her comprehensive legal and business education, Angélique adeptly aligns her legal strategies with her clients’ operational needs and business objectives.

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