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Brackett & Ellis attorneys to present at Fourth Annual Education Law Association Spring Regional Meeting

On February 20, 2016 – Brackett & Ellis and Texas A&M University School of Law’s Fourth Annual Education Law Association Spring Regional Meeting, Fort Worth, Texas

Heather Castillo will present: “Title IX Compliance.” She will address Title IX’s protections against sexual harassment and bullying. She will address federal law and regulations, and the Department of Education’s Guidance to school districts about their responsibilities.

Tony Cuesta will present: “Reporting Child Abuse.” He will discuss child abuse reporting requirements under the Texas Family Code, and the relevant case law regarding such reports. He will provide practical advice for educators who learn of accusations.

Janet Bubert will present: “Identification of Special Education Students.” She will discuss the challenges associated with a school’s responsibility to locate, evaluate, and identify students with disabilities.

Michael Moore will present: “Privacy & Production: Balancing FERPA and Subpoena Compliance.” Mr. Moore will address the responsibility of school officials to comply with subpoenas and court orders and ways to make subpoena compliance less disruptive to the educational environment.

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